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May 31, 2018

Hawthorn Moon Pictures and Review


We had a great time at Hawthorn Moon, thanks to the Atrium Obscurum Mexico team!











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  • absolutshit
    Apr 27, 2018

    Atrium Obscurum Mexico has an amazing weekend event planned May 12th - 13th in Cuauhtémoc, México City. The entire weekend is stacked full of great artist, both musically and visually. We at Absolut Shit are super excited to participate in such an event, and are even more excited to spend the weekend in Mexico City with our extended family, Atrium Obscurum. Be sure to head to www.facebook.com/events/427399224342970, to get all of the event details. We hope to see YOU there! •MIRROR | ME ~ (Anomalistic, PaintedChaos,Labyrinthine) LIVE SET-POLONIA 3h Ceremonia Lunar https://soundcloud.com/mirror_me •GHREG ON EARTH ( on3arth Media ) LIVE SET-OAKLAND, CA http://www.on3arth.com https://soundcloud.com/ghregon3arth https://www.discogs.com/artist/123103-Ghreg-On-Earth •ZAMURAH (Oktoom Records/Anomalistic) LIVE SET -BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA http://SoundCloud.com/Zamurah http://Zamurah.bandcamp.com •SAMYAZA /(Anomalistic/cosmic e.g.g) LIVE SET-San Francisco, CA soundcloud.com/sorrytornado •HEBERT QUAIN / (Absolut Shit) LIVE SET- Austin TX https://www.mixcloud.com/herbert-quain/ https://asrecords.bandcamp.com/ •EKIMSKRIDS /(Anomalistic Records, Samana Records) DJ SET-USA https://soundcloud.com/ekimskrid •HYPERZIIO / Earth Air Fire Water /(Discordia Crew) LIVE SET-MÉXICO https://soundcloud.com/paldendorje •YOSHUA EM ~ (A.O, Discordia Crew, Anomalistic Records) LIVE SET-MÉXICO https://soundcloud.com/yoshua-e-m •SEGGAE / (Dekadenz, Cocowash Inc) México https://soundcloud.com/seggae-1 •XPIKENOIXE / (Voodoo Hoodoo Recs, Twenty Five Recs, A.O) DJ SET-CDMX https://soundcloud.com/xpikenoixe •VENSKER / (Twenty Five Recs, Blasteroidz) DJ SET-GDL https://soundcloud.com/Vensker •IKARI / (Twenty Five Recs, A.O) DJ SET-ASN https://soundcloud.com/cortexxxiphan •XPIKARI / (A.O, Twenty Five Rec) DJ SET-CDMX