Absolut Shit Presents


Only a dream, a dream of madness and of darkness.

Experience the madness at Absolut Shit Records' first event, Demente


Absolut Shit records brings a unique night of psytrance and art to ScratcHouse. Come hear original sounds and see extraordinary art all while supporting the SIMS Foundation!












Yoshua EM (Mexico)

Discordia CREW  Anomalistic Records

Yoshua started producing several years ago and has experimented with a variety of sounds and different environments. His unique style is influenced by DnB and metal and is pushing the psytrance genre forward through his innovative kicks and basslines. He has released many tracks on top labels including Discordia Crew and Anomalistic Records, and is consistently featured in Goa Gil's divine dozen charts. This will be his first-ever performance in Austin.

















Herbert Quain (Texas)

Absolut Shit Records


Herbert Quain has been involved in the Texas psytrance scene for over a decade as an organizer, producer, and dj. As an orchestrator behind Absolut Shit Records, he has compiled a series of releases by artists from all over the world featuring psytrance, experimental psytrance, and electronica. He has played throughout the United States and beyond, and his dj sets emphasize tracks created for the dancefloor while retaining unique and experimental elements.



Nivlem  (Texas) 

FYB   Samana Records


Nivlem has been dj'ing psytrance since investing in some of the earliest pitch shifting CD decks in 1996. Now using a hybrid of software and analog gear, Nivlem spins a full spectrum of sounds under the umbrella of psytrance. He heads up Austin's own FYB crew and is an official dj for renowned international label Samana Records.





























Haven Meadows  (Texas) 


Based in Coleman, Texas, Haven Meadows creates free standing sculptures, wall hung sculptures and shadow boxes made predominantly from bones and other organic materials. The gallery uses the concept of pareidolia to provide the illusion of living creatures. Haven Meadows will be bringing a selection of their extraordinary work to create a unique visual atmosphere for Demente! Experience the fascination, come catch the creatures come alive! 


Visual Production By

Prismatic Productions

Prismatic Productions specializes in visuals and lighting for events and festivals. Tony and Caleb will be presenting a special set of visual projections designed specifically for this event!












Mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin musicians since 1995. 


10% of the door fee goes to the SIMS Foundation, an Austin group that provides access and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery to Austin music professionals and their family members. simsfoundation.org


Austin music professionals often struggle financially and cannot afford mental health services when they need them most. Research shows that untreated mental illness can lead to incarceration, an inability to work, loss of housing and strained relationships, all of which effect our families as well as the greater community.



SIMS provides a range of life-saving mental health services to hundreds of clients per year. 98% of clients report an improvement in symptoms after initiating SIMS services.



Healthy, happy music professionals make better band mates, better fathers and mothers, better wives and husbands. The result is a healthier, more productive creative community with more hours in the studio and more time spent with friends and loved ones.

Friday May 12th, 2017    10pm to 2am 

at the ScratcHouse 617 E 7th St, Austin, Texas 78701

18+ to enter

Music Artist
Sculpture Display By
five dollar Donation at The Door - Benefits the SIMS Foundation